Alistair Sherwood performs in Concert or Cabaret Style and will entertain you with the inspiring lyrics and melodies of the American Troubadours by paying tribute to the Songs and Stories of this highly prolific period 1968-1978.

This Singer/Songwriter period was an exciting moment when a generation of great artists were drawn together in Southern California. The famous West Hollywood club, The Troubadour, became the home for the rise of the singer-songwriter, a mecca that drew artists as prolific and influential as James Taylor and Kris Kristofferson.

Earl's Court London also has its very own Troubadour and during the 60's was the wild west frontier of bohemian Chelsea and saw this continental cafe centre of rebellion rise with the revolution of a new melodic and poetic acoustic music. Bob Dylan's first performance in London was at The Troubadour. Paul Simon and Tom Paxton also played at this historical artistic institution.

Alistair plays acoustic guitar  / classical guitar  / ukulele / banjo / Harmonica / Tambourine and Foot Stomp to deliver a unique accompaniment to these troubadour songs. His live performance is a humorous and captivating experience as he transports you back in time anywhere between 1968-78


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 James Taylor * Simon and Garfunkel * Kris Kristofferson * Bob Dylan * Gordon Lightfoot  

 * Johnny Cash * Willie Nelson * Don McClean * John Denver * Tom Paxton * Don Williams 

Emmylou Harris * Leonard Cohen

"An engaging and humorous performance" "His songs are delivered with genuine conviction and heartfelt emotion" "A vocal delivery reminiscent of Mike Scott or Bob Dylan" "Lovely soft voice" "A pleasure to listen to" James H Soars MAVERICK MUSIC MAGAZINE 

"Absolutely Brilliant"  "A very engaging and enjoyable evening" "we could hear every word sung clearly" "the sound and lighting was amazing" "very spiritual" "humorous" "we would come back again next year" COMMENTS ON THE SHOW  2019



Teddington London Saturday 6th April 2019

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